The drama springing up from the ACTORS GUILD OF NIGERIA(AGN)KADUNA, is not so smooth for the New set of executives who are doing their possible best to make sure that the Guild did not just get back to its former glory but build much more  it was, the vision of the chairman Haj. Salma Ibrahim is in line with that of the National President Mr Emeka Rollas , the two work tirelessly to lift up the guild but I am not sure that some of the Members  and  Excos in Kaduna are happy with that lofty dream of making the industry great again.

There have been an underground manipulation   by some of the members who contested previously , its has been going on for long but the state chairperson did well by focusing more on positive projects than gets distracted by enemies of the Guild, the recent drama started from the Whatsapp group that was created by the PRO of the Guild on march 10th 2018, the fight that made the state secretary moved in to create another group but before doing that he made it loud on the exco group that he was going to create a factional AGN which the executives overlooked because AGN is not a Whatsapp union and the constitution was very silent on social media, talk more on who will admin the social handles but even if it was the secretary I don’t know how he will handle that knowing that he is not on twitter or IG, only whatsapp   and maybe facebook,hahahahaha no wonder he is forming Don Jazzy,

Well he created a factional Whatsapp and brought in some of the people who planted him there ,one thing that baffles me is the way Erastus Okechukwu aka Bishop Talk who was one time PRO of the guild, insulted the national president of the Guild who opted out of the group and told them to go back to the original group and settle all issues and but power drunk Secretary was there watching a member insulting the President without saying a word, well he wouldn’t see anything wrong with that since he couldn’t see anything wrong in posting a porn on the platform and also political issues that the group don’t support ,or are we talking about Jane Rogers who made accusations and insults people on what seems to be instructions from the secretary and his cabals?

The AGN Kaduna is in for a trouble with people like this, check the screenshots


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