Ladies and gentlemen of the press, my fellow constituent members, fellow comrades and all citizens of Zango constituency, I wish to also use this medium to make public my ambition  declaring for the position of member, kaduna state house of assembly. Without taking much of your time, I am by name comr AYUBA ISHAYA RANGA, a native of atyap from zonzon ward of Zangon kataf local government area of kaduna state. It’s expedient that I make use of this God’s given time to salvage and liberate my people, not just by voting, political participation but through  vying of position as a member.
Last two years when I was sworn in as the sokapu youth chairman Zangon kataf local government area of kaduna state, I took an oath to represent my people not just at the grassroots level but also at the state level as time will unveil. I was applauded by the Congress men and women who were their, they saw it as a courage from me but I was referring to all of us.  I wasn’t making such remarks to impress any one but it was aim at encouraging us because 80%percent of the populace were youth.
My VISION for my people is to bring governance and government to their door step and to put in them the believe and not just a notion that it is the only way of obtaining the dividend of democracy. Politics it it’s sense is a give and take kind of a thing. Just as you can’t reap where you did not saw, so it is with politics that you can’t place a request to whom you did not vote. It is a game of lobbying and not fighting to get what you want.
Knowing fully that I am not representing myself but the interest of my people, I am promising us this day that I will not confront any one no fight any interest either coming from fellow members or the executive for the development of the state and my constituency. I will nominate representative each from all the wards who will channel all their wards complain and needs to my desk. As a member who will be representing a constituency I will not make promises that will be outside my jurisdiction of operation or spare of influence. I am promising you, that which belong to you shall come your way. My take on concerning some of our problems that I am fully conscious of which are : water, schools, light, good road network and available market, I have made clear that I will work in conjunction to the necessary authorities and person to make a remarkable achievement on it.
Lastly, I will put Zango first ahead of my personal Needs and interest, it’s my love for my people that push me to shoulder their course which I tagged RESCUE MISSION. when we finally get it right this time, I will ensure that my people will never again lament on politics of exclusion and marginalization for I THE RESCUER will make it right with them. Thank you ladies and gentlemen once more. I shall see you soon when I will come down to your door steps for campaign. Thank you and God bless you.


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