Determined to be successful in her political career, one of the 2019 female presidential aspirants, Eunice Atuejide shares with The Nation, how much been invested so far and the extent she and her party members have gone to gather money.

She said, 

On the basis of financing, it’s been very slow. So far, we have invested about N86.7m in National Interest Party and in the campaign so far, bringing people together, trying to do a lot of social media campaign, appointing people to do some basic groundwork for posters, fliers, banners.  And we have invested a lot but even all that investment is not even showing at all but obviously, it requires so much money than we have been able to put in.

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But we are hoping against all odds that the more of our programmes and policies for our government the people of Nigerians see, the more they would all come out and donate their ‘small small’ monies and incentives and experiences and talents to help us move further.

On the party’s Go Fund Me page

I don’t think we have ever received a dime from Go Fund Me. We’ve had it up since I think, July 1. But this is August 8 and we haven’t received any one naira from Go Fund Me. From the public, we haven’t received any money till date. But from within us, we have taken a lot of loans. A lot of us mortgaged our properties, our vehicles, our houses. Some of us sold properties. I sold all my cars. Because if we’re waiting for Nigerians to start giving us money before we start to do things, we may never do anything. So, some of us spare N100, N500, N1000. There are some who brought a million naira. But most of the money we have spent came from loans. Some of them secured, most of them unsecured loans.


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