I can act naked if my man agrees to it - Actress Hannah Ogundare lailasnews 3

Nollywood actress, Hannah Ogundare, is one entertainer that has had an experience on the bitter and unfriendly bashing of Nigerians on social media. The actress who mentioned that she could act naked, was once blasted for posting sultry photos on her social media pages.
In a chat with Potpourri, she said the photo which has since gone viral and attracted mixed reactions were mere photos from the set of a yet-to-be released movie.
“I’m actually being misunderstood, because that photo was taken on a movie set. I dressed according to what the script writer wrote in the script. The script writer said a lady with big boobs should wear something revealing.
Since I don’t have big boobs but I could interpret the role, I had to wear what would make my boobs look big so that it would rhyme with what was written in the script”, she said.
She went further to berate those people who have negatively criticized her for uploading revealing photos of herself on social media.
According to Hannah, the only problem she might have with such photos is when her partner does not consent to them. But as long as her partner is cool with whatever she does, she doesn’t give a hoot about public opinion.
“I really don’t care what people say about me because they don’t know the real me. As long as I’m doing what is stipulated in the script and my man is okay with it, then whatever anybody says doesn’t matter to me at all”, she retorted.
Hannah Ogundare then added that if she can even go naked on a movie scene if her partner consents to that
“I really don’t know if I can go nude on set. But on a second thought, this is the 21st Century; things have really changed. If my man is okay with it then maybe I can go nude on set”, she concluded.


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