News have been flying over the scene in kaduna and Nigeria of kaduna state government giving some monies to the producer/Director of the monster movie “KADA RIVER ” and we havs been able to have a statement from the the boss and here we go,
Attention: it has come to my attention about the rumour going round that I Toka Mcbaror have received money meant for the KADA RIVER project from the KADUNA STATE GOVERNMENT and Senator SHEHU SANI, It has become necessary to put out this statement because I was attacked yesterday evening 6th September by some boys claiming that the money is meant for the growth of entertainment in Kaduna state but I swallowed it alone.
1. I have not received any money at all from the Kaduna State Government or any individual, not even a thousand naira.
2. KADA River is not a state project, it’s my personal project, I only tried to involve the State Government because it’s a peace themed movie so I felt it will be beneficial to us as a people.
As at this very moment of this write-up, I have not gotten any Kobo of support or whatsoever from the State Government or any individual.
I honestly find it funny that some people will seat in there homes and make assumptions that are baseless. Please, be careful how you spread unfounded rumours about people’s lives cause if any form of harm comes to them, their blood will be on your hands.


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