Apples of Gold Records is a Music record label visioned to raising a bunch of radical Gospel stars, An Empire of true worshipers and bringing God’s presence to every man in truth and in spirit, It is also on a mission to have a profound global impact on every life, families, Government and all Nations of the world; Facing Darkness away, making a difference, transforming lives,Declaring his Glory with the sound of Heaven Since 2010, the company has groomed so many talents with special support in the areas of songwriting, Sound recording and mass production to marketing. Today, we talking about a man whose will is

beyond reach, blessed beyond measure, He never talks much nor concerned with status, He is 1 percent skilled 99% fear of God so all others skills are thereby added to him, He is not the everyday pastor we see on the block , nobody knows how he embeds the spirit of worship on every note when he sings each line But for sure we know he does that because God has really Blessed him to do so, Dedicated to giving God glory, he works so hard , I have seen him at work when that light goes up on in his mind, Its like a design written in his head every-time before he touches a keyboard or speaks in a rhyme, you feel the presence of God’s glory such that you forget about time because he does it hundred percent, he sings from the Heart, CHRIS MORGAN !. From the staple of APPLES OF GOLD, comes another Album from Gods General, He called this “Certified Love” the album dropped into the market on June 1, 2016. Attached is the link to download and listen to a tip of the iceberg to what we can get in this new album , “So Speechless” Other Albums of Chris Morgan still trending are “Arabaribiti”, “Beyond the Shadows”, “Timeless Worship Live Recording” which is on (DVD) as well as “Another Revolution”, then of-course this New one which is distributed nation wide by Iyke the Don For bookings please call Apples of Gold Records 07036004540, 07035166257,07066494998, 07015154520 visit our social pages and download our apps for daily updates Facebook: Applesof Goldrecords Twitter: @applesofgoldrecordz Google+ apples of gold records Facebook page: Worship Nation


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