ONYENACHI UGWU became the first Millionare while Danasabe Bawa & Ochai Victoria got N500,000 each; 5 others got N200,000 each while 10 participants won N100,000 then the rest 60 got N50,000 each. 

One of the products of Dakinda Football For Every Home is the Dakinda Penalty Game which offers every player/participant the opportunity to take penalty kick or kicks from a fixed distance with the aim of getting the ball through a customized Dakinda Goal-Post™ without a goal-keeper. With a Hundred Naira ticket, you are allowed to play & once you score on the pitch, you get N5,000 and your tickets also qualifies you for the Dakinda Penalty Game Monthly raffle draw where you also stand a chance of winning up to N1,000,000.00. Theres also a customized goal post for Five hundred naira per goal on the pitch at all Dakinda Penalty outlets Nationwide.
The game also has a mobile version online which can be downloaded from Google play store or  www.dakinda.com to play on your mobile devices.
The Draws for February started on the 25th & was concluded on the 1st of March at the Dakinda Game Arena; Old Parade Ground Area 10, Garki-Abuja, with a total number of 78 participants leaving with their share of Seven Million Naira (N7,000,000.00)
The News got to the winner of 1million Naira while the evening sun was at the office window level. Alot around Mr Onyenachi Ugwu was turning Gold down to his Bank account without him knowing. He wasn’t expecting calls from anyone about money he owed or earned, then suddenly his phone rang,His reactions after the call got friends and colleagues at work dancing that he almost lost his phone. He described the voice as if the news Breaker was God, when the caller said he has won One Million Naira In the Dakinda Penalty Game Raffle Draw of February. He praised God and promised to play more of Dakinda penalty Game because during his time of play at old Parade Ground, he also scored a goal and got paid Cash for it. For him, it was a way of Excercing his body and now he got a life fortune out of it. He encouraged all Nigerians to show their passion for footbal by playing Dakinda Penalty Game everyday.
In the category of N500,000 we have two Winners with amazing stories, Mr Danasabe Bawa used to act as watch for the wife who prepares indomie in a joint near Nyanya. He owed his landlord Rent for almost two years and he has been given quit notice which expired a day before he got the call that he has won N500,000 in the Dakinda Penalty Game Monthly Raffle Draw. He didn’t believe until he got to old parade ground where he was asked for his account details and also saw other winners getting paid for each category. When asked what he wants to do with the Money, he said he will pay the rent he owed and also pay a year upfront. He will invest the rest in the game of Dakinda and hope to win more in March Raffle Draw.
Victoria Ochai described her feeling after the call as that which can wake the dead, She said it was unbelievable in this era of so many yahoo yahoo & scammers, but she Give all glory to God and will continue to play Dakinda Penalty Game with part of the five Hundred thousand she won,She also wants to invest in Alliance In Motion and her fashion Business.
Clementina Ujah, one of the N200,000 winner in the February Dakinda Penalty Game Raffle draw gave her own story as rescue by God as she cant really express how happy it feels to get a call that you have won two hundred thousand Naira in this time of recession. She screamed Hallelujah and called friends to help her celebrate God’s presence in her life. She thanked Dakinda Football for every home, the organizers of Dakinda Penalty game and promised to play more this month of March.
Uzoma Success took to her social media Pages, calling friends to come & celebrate with her as she couldn’t believe she had won a Hundred Thousand Naira from playing Dakinda penalty Game. She is a footballer and also a fan of the panalty game, kicking almost everyday at old Parade Ground.
Bello Abdulahi gave up on the part of scoring to win 5k in the Dakinda Penalty Game because he is physically challenged, Yet, he threw all his hopes on the Raffle and by God, He won N50,000 making him the second Physically challenged after James Nwuzor who also won N50,000. Bello said, Dakinda has come to liberate Nigerians and even the less privileged can win. He encouraged everyone to play Dakinda penalty game as you either score or wait for the monthly draw but in anyway, you must win.


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